Monday, January 10, 2011

week 3 de Belloto

How is everyone doing? It sounds likes it is really cold with a lot of snow there! Dear it is so opposite of that here. I am getting use to putting on a layer of sunscreen every time I leave the pension and I still I am getting tan. lol Sun sun sun all the time.  It sounds like you have busy weekend ahead of you with sewing, primary and a talk! What is you topic for the talk? I view public speaking so differently now. I have no idea why I was so afraid and nervous to give that farewell talk, it was in English and everything. :) I feel like I could give like and hour long talk in English right now if it got me out of speaking Spanish. lol But my Spanish is getting better and better everyday. Yesterday my companion had a migraine so we went and visited a family that just got baptized in October.. the one I talked about in our last email. Anyway while she was laying on the bed sleeping I listened and talked to the Mom for like and hour and I probably understood around 85 percent of what she was saying. It was great. Such a huge improvement from 3 weeks ago! I don´t even know how it is happening. We are suppose to study language for 1 hour everyday but this last week we have been so busy with other things like lessons, plans for investigators and others stuff like that that I have probably studied for maybe like 1-2 hours total the whole week. It is the gift of tongues I know it!
This last week has been crazy! I don´t even know where to begin... hmmm, well I will start with the fleas. SO the fleas love me for some strange reason and by like Tuesday night I was so covered in bits that I couldn´t really handle it anymore and I had a break down. Because they bit me all over my feet and heels so my shoes were rubbing the bits all day and it just hurt. So I received a blessing with the oil and everything because it was so bad. We counted the number of bits I had that night and it was 267! It was the worst. But since the blessing I have been doing a lot better and I can handle them. I have like everything you can imagine to try and combat them. Everyday and every night a rub myself down with apple vinegar- nasty smelling stuff but it seems to be helping a little bit. I also use that deet stuff. I still have been getting bits everyday but not nearly as many. The funny thing is I have never felt them bit me, felt them on me, or seem them on me. Weird... but don´t worry all is well. And in the blessing it said through my faith and diligence the bits would stop. :)
So we contacted the craziest lady I have ever meet in my life! I my heck. We went to teach her and it was crazy! She talked and talked and talked for 1 and 1/2 hours straight! I am pretty sure my companion got like 5 sentences in the whole time. Then she tried to feed us and I was like umm... I can do that. She gave us this carbonated water and when she turned away my companion and I switched glasses and she just chugged it. lol They she tryed to feed us this brevia things. I have no idea if I spelled that right but anyway it is like this green plant that looks kind of like a apple or something that you peel like a banana. The inside kinda looks like a banana too. Luckily my companion was able to convince her that I was full and couldn´t eat one right then because watching my companion eat that thing was so gross, and funny. Her face after the first bit almost made me start laughing out loud! It was so good that the women was turned away for that. lol After she ate it the women told her she had to wash her lips right away because if she didn´t she would get blisters from it. We where just like what the heck. lol SO the women brings our the huge bowl with DIRTY water in it (it had like hair and dirt.. gross) and a napkin and told her to wash around her mouth. Oh man it was rough. lol But my companion did it. Then we were trying to end the appointment with a prayer and my companion told her I would say the pray. We all stand in a circle and I start to say the prayer in Spanish... the lady starts talking like saying her own little pray while shouting amen and crazy stuff like that . I lost all train of thought and started laughing because she was also raising her hands in the air and on my gosh it was just so crazy. So then I am trying to contain myself and remember some Spanish words.. it was just the worst, but so funny. So I said like ¨thank for the opportunity to serve a mission¨ and other lines I always say with my companion and ended very quickly because I couldn´t be serious. Then she was like okay okay my turn. Oh my heck her pray was insane. We left the house and were just silent for like 3 or 4 mins. lol
Tell Jessica and Grandma thank you for thinking of me. And Jessica thank you for sending the package! I am really looking forward to it :) Who know when I will get it but I am excited. I still haven´t gotten any mail since I have been here. We have to travel like 30 mins by bus just to find a post office to mail things. And all of our mail sits at our mission presidents house until Zone meetings. So to Kellie, Jessica, and the Flanigan´s I am really going to try and get letters out to you within the week! I have not forgotten. I have just been so so busy. I hope all is well with you all!
I hope everything works our with the job Dad is applying for.. I will pray for him :)
Our investigators are doing really good. We have like 4 with baptismal dates and at least 3 that we know will get baptized. They are all really great. We had 4 come to Church yesterday. It was such a great feeling. It is like we work and work and work all week long so that people come and even when 4 out of 20 of the people we visit and teach come it feels like a success.
Any other news about people I know. I really love the updates and everything. Everything here is so different and unfamiliar that it is nice when I hear about things and people I know... in English. lol
Okay now for pictures....
In Chile they love Empanadas, so when you get food instead of fries or with fries you can order empanads.
Also there is this place we cross to get to the other side of our area.. I call it the Jungle  :)
In the red is Hna. Amaya and me waiting for an appointment that never showed :(  Notice all the freckles all over my face from the sun.)
The last one is after a joke we played on our Distinct leader. It was SO funny. Next week if I don´t have any crazy stories I will tell you about it.
I hope all is well with everyone. I miss you all and love you!
Oh and Mom what paper are you talking about that used to help the people at hospice? You said it was from a book of mine or something. I am jealous about you getting help and make cookies. I would love to do that.
Oh and I don´t think I will gain weight on my mission.. a lot of the food here doesn´t like me very much... yeah kind of gross. lol
Hermana Lichty

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